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Welcome! Dr. Blaine Lehr and Dr. Zann McMahan at The Dermatology Clinic, Inc. are pleased to welcome you to our practice. We want all our patients to be informed decision makers and fully understand any health issues you face. That’s why we’ve developed a web site loaded with valuable information about dermatology and dermatological problems and treatments.

Our web site also provides you with background about our physicians, staff, office hours, appointment procedures, maps, directions to our office in Oklahoma City and other useful information. We know how hectic life can be and are committed to making our practice convenient and accessible. And we want you to feel confident that when you choose The Dermatology Clinic, Inc., you’re working with doctors and other professionals who are qualified, experienced and caring.

Please take a few moments to look through this site to get a better feel for Dr. Lehr and Dr. McMahan’s capabilities and services. We also invite you to email or call our Oklahoma City office at any time to request an appointment or ask any questions. Thank you.

Our Practice

Offering the latest in advanced dermatologic diagnostics and treatments, our clinic deals extensively with all types of skin, hair, and nail abnormalities. We are experts in the treatment of skin cancer, melanoma, changing moles, itching, dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, acne, rosacea, warts, actinic keratoses (precancers), cysts, fungal, viral, and bacterial infections, hair loss, pigmentary changes, herpes zoster (shingles), hives, xerosis (dry skin), among numerous other conditions.

We utilize multiple diagnostic techniques including dermoscopy (magnified, polarized light allowing physicians to see skin lesions in greater depth and detail), investigative laboratory and microbiology, microscopic exams, and skin biopsies submitted exclusively to expert dermatopathologists. Following diagnosis we offer a wide array of treatments including surgical excisions, cryotherapy, narrowband ultraviolet B light therapy (a treatment incorporating a very specific wavelength of light capable of helping patients with psoriasis, dermatitis, and itching when other treatments have failed) and a large armamentarium of medications including Accutane (for recalcitrant acne), Humira, Enbrel, and Stelara (advanced biologic injections for severe psoriasis). With our many treatment options, we are able to incorporate an individualized treatment plan for each patient.